27.05.2020 05:32
Shareholders group welcomes high court win on Australian tax-payers Updated The Federal Government is taking the High Court challenge to Australia's top marginal rate of tax "seriously" after an appeals court rejected its earlier efforts to change the rules. The ruling was delivered late on Thursday night in the case of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) against the Treasurer Tony Abbott for not having consulted the Tax Office. The tax office took the case to the Court of Disputed Returns (CDR), where the ATO has been given the option to appeal the judgment to the High Court. The ATO argued that the taxation office's failure to consult with the tax department affected it on the merits. It argued the Treasury's "failure to comply with the High Court's order... deprived it of a level of detail relevant to determining the full amount of the tax... and deprived it of any opportunity to amend or change its approach". The ATO argued the treasury also had to consider whether "the tax regime in force has changed substantially over a number of years" because of the changes in Australia's relationship to the Commonwealth. Justice Paul Dawson issued his decision by 11:30pm on Friday night. He dismissed the ATO's argument, saying there was no "good reason" for making any change to its application after it had been rejected. "The application is granted and the amount is paid. You must continue as normal," Mr Dawson said in the decision. "In the absence of an appeal to the High Court, I consider that, given the nature of the argument advanced by the tax office, it is necessary to reject it on the merits." The court said Mr Abbott could appeal again against Mr Dawson's decision, and that he was likely to do so. Topics: tax, tax-policy, federal-government, australia First posted <a href=https://www.water-blogged.com/>바카라사이트</a> <a href=https://www.forexlingo.com/>바카라사이트</a> Missing girl 'had been abducted by masked gunman and then raped and brutally murdered' 'We just don't know what to believe. We just don't know what to do... we just don't know how to do things. We haven't been able to get answers to her parents,' said one family member. The investigation, which spanned three years, has been hampered by the fact that investigators had little luck in finding the girl. For months, detectives worked with dozens of people who had seen the body, but were unable to determine whether or not she was the victim of a crime. They also spent months trying to contact someone who may have witnessed the murder and who may have a motive to bring it to light. But their inquiries were turned away and the case kept bogged down by conflicting reports. Police Chief John Molineux has ordered a fresh round of forensics tests, but says he's not entirely sure yet who killed the missing girl. Citing family sources, WBEZ reported Monday afternoon that the man accused of the crime had given up his name and address in order to remain anonymous and avoid charges against anyone else.
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